Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Weekend as a Maid

Mistress was visiting Her family last weekend so I was left behind to bring the apartment into a state of complete cleanliness. We have been traveling recently as well as were quite busy at work, so our place did look quite as neat and clean as I would have liked. It's not that it was dirty, it just wasn't perfect. Well the bathroom was pretty gross. And the kitchen quite a bit too. This was really bothering me because what kind of sissy maid can possibly live in a place like this.

That was all to change this weekend, however, as Mistress laid out the rules on Saturday morning before She left.

  1. Wear panties every day. Before leaving, Mistress picked out three pairs of panties - black, white and pink for me to wear (She does this every morning). I decided to save the pink lacy ones to greet Mistress in on Monday.
  2. Wear maid's uniform, including the new maid shoes, except during times of heavy cleaning so as to avoid staining and damaging it. You can see my outfit laid out for me in the picture above.
  3. No unauthorized touching or masturbating, except on both evenings I was going to be alone I was ordered to masturbate and bring myself to the edge and then stop.
  4. Practice eye-makeup techniques on both days.
  5. Wear the pink nightie from Victoria's Secret to bed every night.
  6. Clean, scrub, vacuum, organize, wash, fold, dust ... etc.
After issuing these directives, I helped Her load the suitcase in the car, kissed Her good bye and She was off. I got back into the house and immediately locked myself into my pink CB2000 to intensify my already intense feelings of submissiveness and servitude. I have been trying lately to wear it for increasingly longer and longer periods of time to get used to it but was only able to do it for 6 hours or so. I quickly gathered all the dirty clothes and took it to the laundry room. Because I have to walk out of the apartment, I have to wear my normal boring male clothes. For maximum efficiency I try to get all my heavy cleaning done while the laundry is on. This way I scrub the kitchen floor, clean the stove, the toilet and the shower without wearing my maid's uniform. Besides using harsh chemicals I also tend to sweat a lot, especially when I am on my knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. Whether Mistress is at home or not, I usually do this naked or wearing either a collar and/or my CB2000. After I got the laundry out of the dryer and finished all the "hard work" I took a shower and changed into the maid uniform, stockings, high heels and a wig and practiced putting on eye make-up. It was a first for me and I think I did look a bit clownish. Hopefully Mistress will go over the make-up techniques with me at some point, step by step so that I can become proficient at putting on my make-up.

Anyway, It was very nice to be dressed like this after a long time and I must say I enjoyed my maid duties a lot. Fortunately, the chastity device prevented me from having frequent and involuntary erections. It took me the rest of the day to clean as I was in no rush, enjoying every single minute of my submissive maidhood. I think changing bedding, vacuuming and dusting were especially enjoyable. At night I changed into the pink nightie, removed my CB2000 that was starting to hurt a lot and masturbated for only a few minutes before I felt a massive orgasm coming. I forced myself to stop imagining the massive beating I would receive for violating Mistress' orders. It's been exactly a week since my last release and I suspect I have another week to go before I am allowed to orgasm. I was pretty tired so I fell asleep quite quickly dreaming (quite vividly) about Mistress spilling the secrets of our relationship to one of Her friends (never seen the friend before). This scared me a bit because as far as I know, no one knows about our particular arrangement.

I woke up with a massive hard-on so I had to wait before I was able to use the bathroom. The male anatomy is so imperfect! After the shower I changed into the maid's outfit again, practiced (and mostly failed) the make-up techniques and spent most of the day inside, just enjoying myself. I did some more cleaning, watched a bit of TV, read Mistress' Glamour magazine and evening met up with two female friends of Mistress & mine and we went to the beach and then had dinner together. What a wonderful evening. Before going to bed I brought myself to the edge of orgasm after reading some femdom and bdsm blogs and stopped literally one second away from cumming. My sexual frustration is growing but that is simply how things are. I have surrendered myself to my beautiful Mistress, devoted my life to Her and accepted the duty of servitude and constant sexual frustration. And I highly recommend that to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and I have to admit I am find it a good read.

I hope your Mistress will find your blog as it will show your dedication and re-focus. Keep up the good work.


Her Submissive Pet said...

Thank you shadowladynl for Your compliment. i plan to eventually show the blog to my Mistress. We have talked about writing a blog before (so there will be no "shock") but i decided to start it "secretly" and then surprise Her when i have written at least several posts.

Miss Bossy Bitch's boy said...

I have found youtube to be a great source for makeup tips. That way you can watch and practice and rewind if you need to.