Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Panties

Few weeks ago me and Mistress stopped by a local Walmart to pickup some things for the house. As it happens, as we are heading towards the kitchen section, we have to pass through the lingerie isles. We rarely stop by but today was different. A pair of pink/black and pink lacy boy-cut panties caught Her attention and before i know it, they are sitting in the shopping basket. Mistress knows that pink is by far my most favorite color and was kind enough to pick enlarge my collection of pink lacy underwear. i especially like the hot pink/black combination with has the be, in my opinion, the sexiest color combination ever. i was quite excited, especially after we had a full blown discussion (while shopping) about how she likes how my ass looks in boy-cut panties. i used to be very fond of thongs but i think i at this point i only have a few (if any) left in my underwear drawer. Boy-cut panties are my new hottest thing, although most of my panties are the lacy bikini style ones. Here are some pictures of my new panties for your enjoyment:

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Slave Kris said...

Love the panties. I adore that shade of pink.