Sunday, August 9, 2009

New maid shoes ordered

Quite frequently I find myself browsing through online shoe stores ... you know just for fun. I don't think I have ever bought anything, but looking at all those pictures of sexy high heels always make me so hot and horny. I usually do it in bed when I can't sleep and while Mistress is already sound asleep next to me. Of course I am not allowed to touch myself for the purpose of pleasuring and I would never dare to break this rule which results in falling asleep with a massive erection (if my CB2000 isn't on) and pretty sweet dreams.

Anyway, this time I was actually looking to buy shoes because the black 3 inch heels I have had for a while and a bit small and narrow and hurt like hell after about 30 minutes of walking around the house. I (and I suppose Mistress as well) do not generally mind this type of torture because pain serves as constant reminder of my position in this relationship but my improperly fitting high heels can do significant amount of damage to one's feet. And my feet would hurt the next day after wearing these heels. So I decided to shop for a new pair.

Even those this new pair would be more comfy I was still expecting a pretty painful training process and adjustment period. I am planning to work up to a full day wearing by starting at at an hour or so (depending on how they feel right when I put them on for the first time) and then gradually increase the time. This approach seems to work very well with pretty much everything else - from running to bondage and all the way to butt plug training ;-).

So I am browsing through the countless online shoe retailers, finding a few suitable candidates but it still not perfectly happy with what I was seeing. Mind you, I have seen plenty of hot heels that I would buy pretty much right away, but of course this was not my decision to make. Mistress would have to like these shoes as well and even if She liked them, She would still need to give me the permission to buy them. Eventually I found a pair that seemed to be perfect. They were even called "Maid Shoes" and besides being quite sexy, they were available in my size! With my shopping done, I bookmarked the page for Mistress to see the next day and went sleep.

My thoughts before falling asleep were revolving around me showing the shoes to Mistress in the morning and hoping She would not laugh at me. A lot of things I find hot or sexy She finds trashy and would never allow me to buy, much less wear. So I was a bit worried but Mistress loved them and ordered me to buy them right away so they get here as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they are being shipped ground from California so I have about a week of impatient waiting. And here they are:

You can get yours here ;-)


Rambeau said...

So pretty! You are indeed a lucky girl. Do you still have the maid's uniform to go with them?

I don't know if I could wear heels. So far, I've only worn panties and camis. But I've always wondered how to determine my size in women's shoes ...

Her Submissive Pet said...

Thanks, and yes I do have a maid's uniform to go with the heels. More on that in one of my future posts ;-). I think you just take your shoe size and add 1.5 to it which should be the correct woman's size. Women's sizes are also frequently more narrow so I typically go for wide shoes.